False Images EP

by False Images

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released April 20, 2015



all rights reserved


False Images Nashua, New Hampshire

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Track Name: Gateways
I am the eye!
Paralyzed, I am the eye of the hurricane
Dig your graves underneath these tidal waves
Track Name: Threat
A liar, A fucking waste of life
I never needed you
Conceited, Don't give a fuck about others lives
I will be the one to set you in your place
You selfish bitch, you will remember my face
Claiming yourself different but you're just like the rest
Another useless rat in the lions den
I'll hang you by the strings from which you played me
Suffocate in your cloud of misery
Your lungs will collapse from all the lies that you speak
Welcome to a life where ignorance is bliss
I am your end, the face of the abyss
You spread your disease like you spread your legs
The suffering curse your name
Witness damnation, Witness my pain
Death wish, Death wish. You have a death wish!
I am a threat!
Track Name: Lydia
A relinquishment of a family name
A puppet to vindication
Meeting death's every qualification
Everlasting plan to create destruction
Mind over matter, they will no longer function
I am engulfed by betrayal
A feeling I will leave behind
In the blazing inferno of their demise
Possessed with a twisted sensation
A vile being of all sorts leaving no trace
Blind eyes, hands tied. Punishment awaits!
Your lives will go up in flames
Absolution in a house of shame
Track Name: Superior
You'll see my face when you're dead
I am the one who speaks in shadows
Slipping through the light
When all hope is lost just remember
You'll see my face when you're dead
Humanity's existence melted down to liquid
By the fire you've created amongst your meaningless lives
Terminal existence
Artificial intimacy depicted by the false images
You're a slave to the system
Living for something that will ultimately die in the end, Fuck!
I have descended to destroy
Tectonic plates, I move mountains
I have you all in my hands
A world shattered, A world broken
A world that will witness a reign of hatred
As I stand above the rotting corpses of guardians
I will feast on the flesh of these putrid vermin
I have descended to destroy
Track Name: Caskets
I will fucking bathe in the ashes
Of all whom you know
I have become one with the hatred that others emit at your presence
I'd give anything to watch you bleed out onto the ground
You blame yourself for everything you've done
You're such a fucking failure
As leaders spit on their caskets
Followers will burn below dirt
A notion to redefine the meaning of violence
This is your depression, This is your calamity
Terrorizing fear into others hearts
All will perish within my playground
I will be crowned the worlds oppressor
Let the weak suffer eternally
Immortals will overcome the odds
Tearing apart limb by limb
Exterminating the sheep, I am deaths shepherd
On this day all shall inherit despair